World First Ever Humanitarian , Crypto Outreach
Ending Hunger
45 Million People Are at Risk of Famine
We can rewrite this
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Our Initiative


We Care

More than 3 billion people 
(almost 40% of the world’s population ) cannot  afford a healthy diet , Together we can change it and put a healthy meal on someone table, while also investing for the future


Our Vision

Giving humans a healthy living , through making  healthy food accessible to everyone , while making investors earn profits helping humanity.



Influx is a decentralised token deployed on the binance smart chain network to provide revenue for an SDG 6 project carried out by Renowned NGOs.


Our Goal

Giving every human a Reason to Live, through Influx decentralized system, and creating a system where you help the world, as well as yourself in return.


Q4 2021

• Building the ecosystem.
• Core team developer and other units.
• Pancakeswap listing.
• Liquidity provider and locking.
• Burning of 2% token supply 2.1 Trillion from the treasury.
• Coingecko and coinmarketcap listing.
• Auditing.
• Marketing, referral campaign, advertising and promotion.

Q1 2022

• Centralized exchange discussion and listing.
• Humanitarian outreach
• Further partnership with UNICEF, UN and other humanitarian organizations.

Q2 2022

• Community vote on what to build among DEX to support digital education
• Purchase of further humanitarian relief funds.
• Inter-countries humanitarian visits and supplies.
• Investing in an organization that supports, treat and education war victims, children or less privilege.

Q3 2022

• Community growth and further planning.

Whitepaper Overview

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, 'What are you doing for others?

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Solutions exist.

Let's initiate the change we want to see

Token details

Token name: INFLUX
Token symbol: INX
decimal: 18
Contract: 0x3e43e9AF48c1b34800F928AC3755faeADC0E5F81